SI (System Ingetrator)

System Integrator.

Product Evaluation

We handle the evaluation process providing product training and support to the SI’s to ensure your products are passed.

Product Placement

We will negotiate with the SI’s for product placement either within their system configurators, next day systems and 3rd party retail business (Amazon, Ebuyer, Very etc)

SI Pricing

First of all, we make sure the channel pricing is managed effectively and then based on parameters like volume, project specifics and competitor offerings we can structure the correct SI pricing level to win.


We will implement promotions with SI partners sometimes in collaboration with other vendors to push your products in turn will help further market the brand and the products.

Stock Planning/ Forecasting

We ensure that any SI project business is adequately forecasted to ensure we plan for any promotions to make sure there is not going to be stock shortages.

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